Don Clark was born in 1965 in Vancouver BC, where he lived for the first 4 years of his life. Don showed a great love of music at a very early age, figuring out how to escape his crib at nap time to put the record player on when his mother was distracted with chores, or had decided to take a nap of her own: 50's and 60's rock and roll, Beatles, and old country greats like Buck Owens were always his favorites, and remain so to this day. 

In 1969, Don's family moved to Tahsis, BC. A small sawmill town, so small, in fact, roads to get in and out were not yet built. The only way in or out was by plane or boat. It was a very isolated place, and there wasn't all that much to do, so thankfully, Don's grandfather had set Don up with an old National Guitar, (a beat up old acoustic that had belonged to Don's father when he was a teenager). It wasn't long before Don  started to bang around, trying to play along with the music he heard coming from his mother's records. By age seven, Don, self taught, was ready for his first electric guitar and amp, and by thirteen, he formed his first band with a couple of school mates. They played Beatles cover songs at local schools and roller rinks. By nineteen, he'd joined his first blues band, and shortly after that he moved onto more adventurous solo projects. More recently, Don's path has led him on some wonderful trips to Nashville, to perform and take part in a variety of songwriting workshops. 

Over the last five years, Don hasn't done much performing, but continually writes, and manages to find a way to play his guitar every day. He recently got up to join Kelly Haigh and the Do-Rites, (and the Murderbirds), to sing a few song at the great Gastown live music restaurant, the Revel Room, where his excitement for live playing was re-ignited. Watch for upcoming shows, as he steps back onto the stage to play his own brand of music, as well as some great old classics! (Shows to be announced).